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Leeman Bennett is a former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is the current chairman of the Chick-fil-A Bowl’s Team Selection Committee. He writes a weekly team selection blog to give fans an inside look into the Chick-fil-A Bowl’s team scouting and selection process.

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Nov. 27: Rivalry Week

It’s rivalry week! Possibly the greatest week of the college football season and we can’t wait to see what happens in the ACC and SEC from Thursday night’s Egg Bowl all the way through the Iron Bowl and the Carolina-Clemson game Saturday night.

We’re so excited about Rivalry Week, we started a fan vote on our Facebook page to ask you who’s got the best rivalry game. Click here to give us your vote.

As usual, we spent some time Monday night talking through the various outcomes of upcoming games to try and project who we thought might be in our final selection process. As you know, this has a lot to do with what happens in the BCS bowl games and how many teams the ACC and SEC get into the BCS and exactly which teams make it. Right now we’re pretty sure both conferences will get two teams up, but still unsure who it will be, especially in the SEC.

The other factor to consider is what will happen with teams like Northern Illinois and Fresno State and which slots they may take.

We heard reports from the four games we scouted this week: Virginia at Miami, Missouri at Ole Miss, Kentucky at Georgia and Texas A&M at LSU. Then we talked about how those outcomes affected our short lists for this week. You’ll see the changes we made below. Then we set our scouting schedule and picked another 7 games we’ll see this week. I’ll release that in my blog on Friday.

The most impactful games for our selection process this past week were Duke topping Wake Forest and Miami over Virginia in the ACC and LSU defeating Texas A&M and Mizzou winning against Ole Miss in the SEC. But there is even more on the line for us in both conferences this week with several of our potential teams playing rivals and even playing each other. It will definitely be a busy week for us.

Follow us on Twitter (@chickfilabowl) and Instagram (@chickfilabowlto see what our scouts are doing on campus, and send us a tweet to give us some ideas on where to go while we’re there.

Here are our lists for this week, still trying to narrow it down for Selection Sunday.

 NOTE: Teams are listed in alphabetical order, not order of preference.

Our current ACC short list:

Team   W-L   Best Win   Toughest Game Left  Trending 
#6 Clemson       10-1 Georgia   #10 South Carolina A win should get them to the BCS.
#24 Duke   9-2 Miami  North Carolina   Wraps up the Coastal with a win.
8-3 Georgia Tech  Pitt Needs a win and Duke & VT loss.
Virginia Tech   7-4 Miami Virginia A win + Duke loss wins Coastal.

Basically the same ACC list this week with all of these teams having a scenario that could get them to Atlanta on New Year’s Eve. Keep in mind that if Clemson does not get into the BCS, they would be an automatic selection for us due to their 7-1 conference record as opposed to the 5-3 marks of the other teams in our selection process, if Duke fell to 5-3. 

Our current SEC short list:

Team   W-L   Best Win   Toughest Game Left  Trending 
Georgia      7-4 South Carolina Georgia Tech Needs to finish at 8-4 for a shot. 
#17 LSU 8-3 Auburn  Arkansas Win vs Aggies really helped.
#5 Missouri  10-1 Georgia   #21 Texas A&M Slip vs. A&M puts them in the mix.
#10 South Carolina
9-2 Missouri #6 Clemson It's all on the line vs Clemson.
#21 Texas A&M 
8-3 Ole Miss #5 Missouri  
Probably on our board win or lose. 

We've tried to trim the list to the most likely teams at this point and this is as short as we can make it right now. The Texas A&M-Missouri game and the South Carolina-Clemson game are probably the most critical for us this week. A lot of the SEC side is still in doubt as we wait to see how it shakes out and what some of the other SEC bowls might do.

What do you think is the best rivalry game this week? And which way will it go? Visit our Facebook page to tell us what you think

Enjoy Rivalry Week!


New Comment
Created by Dawg fan in 12/2/2013 11:10:53 PM
Pick UGA vs Miami or anyone, DAWGS always pack the house and the other post was right come early and spend money. GO DAWGS
Pick VT
Created by Hokie man in 12/2/2013 10:05:50 AM
VT travels well to Atlanta! Better watch then Duke!
New Comment
Created by Ike in 12/1/2013 9:15:26 PM
the U ! who else would do a good job for ratings from acc conference?
Duke deserves bid
Created by Anonymous in 12/1/2013 9:46:29 AM
If Clemson goes to the Orange bowl for FSU (very likely), Duke deserves the ACC bid. I'd hate to see a lesser ACC team like Miami jump over them. My vote is Duke vs. USC or LSU.
Created by UGAFan76 in 11/30/2013 9:40:24 PM
After tonight, I think the SEC representative comes down to Texas A&M or Georgia. Depending on the SECCG outcome, it'll either be Auburn and Alabama, or Missouri and Alabama in the BCS. That means the team that gets left out goes to the Capital One, the Cotton HAS to take LSU, and South Carolina will get invited to the Outback. What hurts Georgia is the fact Clemson lost tonight. That leaves them as an easy target for the CFA should the Orange take Duke, and I personally don't see the CFA making a Georgia-Clemson rematch. My guess? Clemson vs Texas A&M. As a UGA fan, I would love to get the invite from the CFA folks, but not if it means we play Virginia Tech for the millionth time. I'm ready to play someone new from the Big 10 or ACC- Michigan immediately comes to mind in the Gator Bowl.
No Mizzou for you!
Created by David in 11/30/2013 9:23:45 PM
Hey Leeman, hope you didn't have your heart set on Mizzou. Mizzou can't come to your bowl.

AggieGurl, looks like you will get your wish. A&M cannot go to the Cap One because they are two losses behind South Carolina, Mizzou, Auburn and Alabama. And LSU is almost a lock for the Cotton.

Choose Georgia
Created by Anonymous in 11/30/2013 7:44:59 PM
The Dawgs will pack out your stadium, plus they are more likey to come early and spend money since most of they live closer to atlanta
Go Duke!
Created by DukeRoom in 11/30/2013 1:38:00 PM
I'm hoping Duke just secured there spot! I'd love to be in ATL for New Year's Eve. Go Clemson!
New Comment
Created by Heelinnc in 11/29/2013 7:09:38 AM
No UNC consideration? They're the hottest team in the ACC right now. If Clemson and UNC win I would think this is a no-brainer considering VT has been to Atlanta twice this year.
New Comment
Created by AggieGurl in 11/27/2013 1:14:21 PM
Would love to have Johnny Football in the ATL for his last game on New Years Eve

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